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FRP Tank

Classification of FRP storage tank
1、Classified according to pressure level: FRP normal pressure tank, FRP pressure vessel
2、Classified according to the purpose:
① Acid-proof storage tank:Hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, organic acids, hydrofluoric acid.
② Alkali-proof storage tank:Sodium hydroxide,sodium carbonate,sodium hypochlorite and other alkaline solution.
③ Sewage storage tank: Oilfield waste water storage tank, hot water storage tank.
④ Food storage tank: Vinegar, sauce,alcohol and drinking water storage tank.
⑤ All kinds of metallurgy storage tanks.
3、Classified according to the cubage:
FRP small-scale storage tank: Diameter ≤ 4000mm.
Large-scale on-site winding vertical storage tank:Diameter 4200mm-25000mm.
4、Classified according to installation type: FRP vertical storage tank, FRP horizontal storage tank.

Executive standard of FRP small-scale storage tank
JC/T587-1995(Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank)
Q/XD0001-2008 (Glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin pressure vessel)

Performance characteristics of FRP small-scale storage tank
1、Strong corrosion resistance, anti-fouling and mothproof.
2、Heat-resistant and anti-freeze, products can be used in the range of -30℃ to 120℃.
3、Light weight and high strength, easy transportation and installation.
4、Heat insulation and less heat loss.
5、Easy to shape and convenient maintenance.
6、The tank can be designed to meet different requirements of customers.
7、Long service life, safe and reliable.
8、Achieved well combined revenues.

Characteristics of FRP pressure vessel

1、The size precision (external diameter, wall thickness, roundness,etc.), the tanks performances of anti-squeeze and anti-explosion all can achieve the same type of metal pressure vessel performance requirements.
2、Advanced technology, high quality products, light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life.
3、The density of FRP pressure vessel is low, which is lighter than that of the same cubage storage tank of other  materials.Meanwhile the performance is excellent. It is also significantly easier to be processed than metal tanks.

Executive standard of FRP large-scale storage tank
HG/t3983-2007 industry standards of Chemical Corrosion-resistant On-Site Winding FRP Large-scale Storage Tank
HG/T20696 Regulations for FRP Chemical&Industrial Equipment Design
Q/SH1020 1798-2007 Shengli Petroleum Administration Enterprise Standard of Glassfiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin On-site Winding Vertical Storage Tank


Performance characteristics of FRP large-scale storage tank
1、With performance features of general FRP tanks, such as corrosion resistance, light weight & high strength and long service life.
2、No need to transport, easy installation.
3、High capacity: the maximum diameter is up to 25 m and the capacity is up to 5000m³.


On-site production processes of FRP large-scale storage tank
1、Tank top production: Tank top prefabrication; Tank top assembly and installation
2、On-site assembly and installation of equipment: Winding equipment installation; Mold assembly and installation
3、Tank-body production: Lining production; Tank top and tank wall connection; Winding
4、Tank bottom production: Tank bottom production; Tank bottom and body assembly and installation
5、Install accessories
6、Fill water and test pressure

 Serial number
 FRP Small Scale Tank
 On-site winding vertical storage tank
 Circumferential tensile strength
 Circumferential tensile elastic modulus
 Axial tensile strength
45~60 Mpa
 Axial tensile elastic modulus
 Compressive strength
 Impact strength
 Thermal expansion coefficient
 Heat conductivity
 Barcol hardness
 Inside surface roughness coefficient
 Food storage tanks residual Phenylessig contrnt
 Frictional resistance coefficient
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